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Elections and Caucus

At-Large Senate Elections have concluded

Newly elected are listed below

College Senate Caucus Results for Academic Year 2021-2022


The College Senate will post results for the 2021 Caucus for those individuals who were elected as the official officers and standing committee chairs of the College Senate for the 2021–2022 academic year.  The Senate Caucus will be held on May 14 2021:

College Senate Chair
  • Bhakti Sharma (Associate Professor, Art and Design)
College Senate Vice Chair
  • Laura Hill-Rao (Director, Civic and Community Engagement)
Academic Plan Committee Chair
  • Carol DeNysschen (Chair and Professor, Health, Nutrition and Dietetics)
Budget and Staff Allocations Committee Chair
  • M. Scott Goodman (Officer-in Charge, School of Arts and Sciences)
​Bylaws and Elections Committee Chair
  • Ramona Santa Maria (Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems)
Curriculum Committee Chair
  • Dianne McCarthy (Associate Professor, Elementary Education, Literacy, Educational Leadership)
Faculty and Staff Welfare Committee Chair
  • Katie Malik-Willard (Executive Assistant to CIO VP IT)
Instruction and Research Committee Chair
  • Kimberly Kline (Professor, Higher Education Administration)
Standards for Students Committee Chair
  • Kenneth Fujiuchi (Butler Library, Head of Information Commons)
Student Welfare Committee Vice Chair* a contested election will be held

*The Student Welfare Committee is chaired by a student senator.

College Senate Elections


The Voting Portal is now closed, as all elections have concluded for this year. (log in is required)





Congratulations to our At-Large Senators for term, 2021-2024

Kari D'Amico (Professional Staff, IT) (1)

Scott Goodman (Faculty, Officer in Charge, School of Arts & Sciences) (1)

Greg Wadsworth (Faculty, Biology) (2)

(1)=first term, (2)=second term

Congratulations to our UFS Senator term, 2021-2024

Kimberly Kline, (Faculty, Higher Education Administration) (1)

Congratulations to our Alternate UFS Senator 

Bruce Fisher (Faculty, Economics & Finance) (1) 2021-2023

John Draeger (Faculty, Dir. Teaching and Learning Center) (1) 2021-2024

(1)=first term, (2)=second term

All College Elections term 2021-2024

* () Serving in first term or second

School of Arts and Sciences
  • John Draeger (Faculty, Humanities) (1)
  • Sue Maguire (Faculty, Social Sciences) (2)
  • Candace Masters (Faculty, Arts) (1)
  • Arjun Pathak (Faculty, Natural Sciences) (1)
School of Education
  • Gliset Colon (Faculty, Exceptional Ed.) (1)
  • Dianne McCarthy (Faculty, Elementary Ed. Literacy, Ed. Leadership) (1)
School of the Professions
  • Jennifer Basile (Faculty, Business) (1) 

  • Keunyoung Oh (Faculty, Fashion & Textile Technology) (1)

Professional Staff Caucus 
  • Katherine Malik-Willard (PSC, IT VP Office) (1)
  • Leasa Rochester-Mills (PSC, Academic Success) (1)
Support Staff
  • Wynne Barron Osiadlo (Communication Dept.) (1)


(1)=first term, (2)=second term




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