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Elections and Caucus

College Senate Elections 2022 have concluded


The Voting Portal is currently closed. The At-large elections for 2023 will be announced in early 2023. (log in is required)

College Senate Caucus Results for Academic Year 2022-2023 TBA in May 2022.


The College Senate will post results for the 2022 Caucus for those individuals who were elected as the official officers and standing committee chairs of the College Senate for the 2022–2023 academic year.  The Senate Caucus was held on May 13, 2022, and three contested positions were determined.  A run-off election will be held from May 18th thru May 20th for the 2022-2023 senators to take part in.

College Senate Chair
  • Kimberly Kline, Professor, Higher Education Administration
College Senate Vice Chair
  • contested, election to be held
Academic Plan Committee Chair
  • contested, election to be held
Budget and Staff Allocations Committee Chair
  • M. Scott Goodman, Professor, Chemistry, School of Arts & Sciences
​Bylaws and Elections Committee Chair
  • Julian Cole, Interim Associate Dean, School of the Professions
Curriculum Committee Chair
  • Dianne McCarthy, Associate Professor, Elementary Ed, Literacy, Ed Ldrsp., School of Education
Faculty and Staff Welfare Committee Chair
  • Kelly Boos, Professional Staff, Pre-Health Advisement Prgrm Mgr, Biology Dept.
Instruction and Research Committee Chair
  • Gregory Wadsworth, Professor, Biology, School of Arts & Sciences
Standards for Students Committee Chair
  • Ken Fujiuchi, Library Faculty, Head of Information Commons, Butler Library

Student Welfare Committee Vice Chair
  • contested, election to be held

*The Student Welfare Committee is chaired by a student senator, who is elected at the first Senate meeting, on September 9, 2022.

College Senate Elections 2022

Congratulations to our At-Large Senators for 2022-2025 term

Julian Cole-Interim Associate Dean, School of Professions

Holly Quicksey-Dir. Advising Support Initiatives, Academic Success




All College Elections term 2022-2025  

* () Serving in first term or second

School of Arts and Sciences
  • Jason Grinnell (2) 2022-2025 (Humanities)
  • Andrew Nicholls (1) 2022-2025 (Soc. Sciences)
  • Jill Norvilitis  (1) 2022-2025 (Nat. Sciences)
  • Jennifer Toohey (1) 2022-2025 (Arts)
School of Education
  • Peter Loehr (1) 2022-2025
  • Raquel Schmidt (1) 2022-2025
School of the Professions
  • Jikai Du (2) 2022-2025

  • James Golden (1) 2022-2025

Professional Staff Caucus 
  • Karen Edmond (2) 2022-2024
  • Kristen Mruk (1) 2022-2025
  • Christopher Weber (1) 2022-2025

(1)=first term, (2)=second term




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