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College Senate Curriculum Committee (CSCC)

Welcome to the College Senate Curriculum Committee (CSCC) page - your resource for curriculum related forms, policies and procedures.

CSCC Process

Please review the workflow diagram for new and revised curriculum proposals (PDF).

CSCC Processes as per Academic Affairs (PDF)

Guidelines for Proposal Submission

  1. After drafting your proposal using the appropriate template(s) below, review the proposal with members of your department and/or with your school’s curriculum committee.
  2. Upon completion of your proposal authoring process, email them to your Department Chair for submission to the CSCC workflow (KissFlow).

Before authoring a course proposal, please review these resources below:

Naming Conventions

Before you begin, check that the course prefix, number and title are as per that proper Naming Conventions (link above). Use these naming conventions for all curricular proposals being submitted to the CSCC.  It is imperative that you use them for continuity across all files.  When reviews are done we need to know what is an old or past proposal that will be used to compare to its newer version being revised.  Your Associate Dean can guide you with this.  They will make sure the files names follow the naming conventions.


The templates below are instructive only.  The complete curriculum proposals must be uploaded to the Kiss Flow system.  The templates contain example information and annotations to aid in proposal creation.

IF Courses

If revising or proposing a course for inclusion in the Intellectual Foundations Program, please include with your submission a narrative using the IF Narrative Template.  SUNY Program Review forms will be completed and submitted to the SUNY Provost by the Office of Academic Affairs following local campus approval.

Topic Courses

Topic courses are NOT reviewed by the College Senate Curriculum Committee.  For convenience the template for topic courses is provided below: (please submit this along with a Course Proposal Form)



These videos address creating effective student learning outcomes (SLOs0 and on appropriate assessment strategies:


The College Senate Curriculum Committee (CSCC) requires that all Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) contain Bloom’s verbs. Currently verbs from either list are acceptable on proposals.  Each SLO should use 1 Verb only. 
Sunsetting Original Blooms: The College will be sunsetting the Original Bloom’s Taxonomy Verb List on December 31, 2022, in favor of the Revised Taxonomy, which emphasizes alignment with current practice in curriculum planning, instructional delivery and assessment.


Based on common errors noted in proposals, the CSCC is offering a checklist of items to be considered before submitting a proposal. 

Please use the following as a tool and basic requirements for the curricular review process: Curricular Program Proposal Excel Checklist (Excel)

Only Department Chairs may upload proposals to the CSCC by using the KissFlow Web application. Chairs, please be sure to save your work often in KissFlow (KF). For additional information, review the January 2022 updated KissFlow Help Document

KISSFLOW WEB APPLICATION (this is being updated and temporarily unavailable)
To determine the status of your proposal, contact your department chair.  ONLY department chairs and designees can log into the Kiss Flow application and check the status of proposals that are in-process.

Approvals and Archives

Overview of the CSCC Review Process

All CHALLENGES must be received within 15 days of submission to the College Senate Office.  Course and program proposal challenges received after the 15 days will not be honored.  You may contact the CSCC Chair if you have further inquiries.

Proposals approved by the Provost are automatically entered into the “Approved Proposals” cloud database. Completed proposals are time-stamped for easy access to the most current version. Proposals are periodically archived in the college’s Digital Commons. Course proposals from 2010-present are available in the Digital Commons. For copies of proposals from before 2010, please email


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