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Standing Committees, Ad Hoc Committees, and Task Forces

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Standing Committees of the Senate

There are eight (8) Standing Committees of the Senate in addition to the Agenda Committee aka senate executive committee. 

The Committees, as specified in the By-Laws are:

  • Academic Plan
  • Budget Staff & Allocations
  • By-Laws & Elections
  • Curriculum-CSCC
  • Faculty/Staff Welfare
  • Instruction & Research
  • Standards for Students
  • Student Welfare

Members of standing committees are appointed to serve two-year terms of office. *Ideally, terms of committee members are staggered, so some continuity can be maintained. When a committee roster is presented to the Senate (by tradition, committee rosters are presented at the first meeting of the Senate, for approval), the following information should be included:  name, unit the individual represents, office address and phone number, e-mail address, specific years of term of service on the committee.

* A committee member is not prohibited from serving multiple consecutive terms as a member of a standing committee.


The College Senate may create ad hoc committees as it deems necessary.


The following task-forces are currently active:

General Education Ad-Hoc Task Force on Curriculum

The College Senate on February 8, 2019 approved creation of the General Education Ad-Hoc Task Force on Curriculum, aka GEATFC, to begin its official business and review all General Education documents and other materials pertinent to Buffalo State College General Education in accordance with SUNY.

Shared Governance Task Force

The Buffalo State College Senate approved a resolution on February 14, 2020 to create a new task force that will focus on developing improvements to shared governance on campus.  The overall outcome will see better communication, and open shared experiences that will encompass all areas of shared governance and at all levels of the campus body.

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